Jim Shore is a  self-taught artist from South Carolina, Jim Shore's
career began in engineering before turning his full attention to art.  
A master sculptor and painter, Jim Shore uses a variety of media, including watercolors and egg
tempera.  Jim Shore has also perfected his techniques in silver and gold-smithing, wood carving,
stained glass and furniture making.

Jim Shore's nostalgic memories from his Southern country upbringing and his love for intricate
patterns, blends to create his charming Heartwood Creek Collection from Enesco.  Jim Shore's
genuine, down-to-earth personality and excellent eye for detail gives every piece in the Heartwood
Creek Collection its heart-warming appeal.
                                                 ~Jim Shore
- Angels
- Bird Houses
- Cards
- Figurines
- Light Houses
- Mugs
- Nativity
- Ornaments
- Pillows
- Plaques
- Wall Hangings